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Aida is a design agent service powered by generative artificial intelligence. Just like working with your own personal designer, Aida suggests, analyzes, and creates the design you need, and it gets better and better as you use it.

Why Aida?

AI design agent service of designers, by designers, for designers.

The era of generative AI is here. Apps of all kinds are popping up every day. But for designers, they're still inconvenient, difficult and inaccessible, requiring them to jump between multiple services and further complicating the design process. It's time for an AI design service of designers, for designers, and by designers. 


Aida was born to help people who want to spend less time and resources on the design process create designs faster and more efficiently. 

춤추는 거품


The hardest part of the design process is capturing and shaping the image of the design in people's minds. This is where communication often breaks down. Aida provides a user experience that makes it easy to create exactly the image you envision.

추상화 표면 (Abstract Textured Surface)


The most time-consuming steps in the design process are creating concepts and communicating the results. Aida can help you come up with concepts that fit your objectives, allowing you to quickly implement your designs and collaborate efficiently along the way.

추상 튜브


The secret of design that creates a good brand experience is to maintain consistency in the core concept while evolving flexibility according to the medium and audience.  Aida can create more optimized designs by analyzing data that accumulates as it is used.

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